Hot Bar Sealer
Moosh Quality Hot Bar sealers are No.1 quality sealers in India.

These Direct Heat sealing machine are suitable for materials like Laminated. and all similar heat sealable materials Ideal for various applications like Bakery, Tea bags, Wafer Packets, Pharma industries etc.

Makes excellent air & water tight seals on materials like Laminated Aluminium Pouches., Laminated bopp, Polyester Poly bags, etc.

It gives a multi-track type seal on the pouch.

These Pouch sealing Machines are manual and Easy to Operate. Simply place a bag between the sealing bars, press down and release.

Hot bar sealers come with different widths that seal different thicknesses of plastic like 5mm, 10mm, 15mm. Standard Model comes with 10 mm wide seal.

Sealing Lengths available (in inches)
8 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 60
Above 60 inches can be made as per your requirement

Sealing Widths available (in mm)
6 8 12 15 20
Standard model comes with 10 mm sealing width

Hand Operated Hot Bar Sealer
Pedal Operated Hot Bar Sealer
Vertical Operated Sealer
Tong Hot Bar Sealer
Pneumatic Hot Bar Sealer

Continuous Band Sealer
Pedal Table Type