Auger Filling Machine
We offer precision engineered Auger Series Powder Filling Machine which is a highly demanded machine used for filling all kinds of powder into bottles, pouches, etc. With a filling range of 50-1000 gm, this portable machine is known to deliver an accuracy of /- 1 gm.

    The specifications and features of our machine are:
  1. 660 x 650 x 1800mm height frame size
  2. 230VAC single phase power supply
  3. Stainless Steel contact parts
  4. 15kg hopper size
  5. Weighmetric filling equipped with digital Weighing machine
  6. Foot switching-one touch start
  7. Clutch brake driving system
  8. 24 V DC stirrer motor for stirring powder in the hopper
  9. Increased efficiency
  10. High output
  11. Light weight
This machine is an easy to handle machine in which the powder to be filled is placed under the nozzle and once the machine presets the amount of water and displays the actual amount of powder on the weighing machine. Ensuring accuracy in powder filled, the container is then removed and the process is repeated till required.

Auger Filler Machine