Impulse Sealers

Moosh Quality Impulse sealers are No.1 quality sealers in India.

These Impulse sealing machine Makes excellent air & water tight seals on materials like P.P., L.D., H.M., H.D. and all similar heat sealable materials.

These Pouch sealing Machines are manual and Easy to Operate. Simply place a bag between the sealing bars, press down and release.

These Impulse Bag Sealing Machine are of metal construction and of industrial quality and built to last.

Impulse sealers come with different widths that seal different thicknesses of plastic like 2mm, 3mm, 5mm , 8mm, 10mm and Double sealing. A wider seals means a better seal so if seal integrity is very important to you, choose a sealing machine with at least a 5mm wide seal. A good example would be a food application where you need an air tight or liquid tight seal.

The heating element comes in round or flat. In most Plastic Bag Sealers, the round and flat wire can be interchanged. The flat wires are used to 'only seal' plastic bags or tubing. The round wire is mainly used for 'cut and seal' applications such as shrink film, shrink bags and poly tubing.

Different types of Manual impulse sealer include tabletop models, foot pedal models, Continuous sealers and Pneumatic models.


Standard Sealing Lengths (in inches)
8 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 60
Above 60 inches can be made as per your requirement

Standard Features of our Impulse Heat Sealers:

Most impulse sealing machinery are equipped with plug-in electronic timer and built in micro-switch. No warm-up time is needed in these machines.

Power is used only when the sealing bar activates the micro-switch. The variable timer let you seal various types and thickness of plastic films.

A signal light and beeping sound come on to let the operator know the heat cycle is completed and the seal is done.
You want to set the timer to the lowest possible number that gives you a good seal. That will maximize the life of the heating element and the PTFE Non Stick covers.

Note: Impulse sealer kits come in many different sizes, from small portable 12-inch models, to large 48-inch tabletop models. The size you want will depend on what you want to seal. It is important to have some extra room on the ends, however, so if you plan on sealing 12-inch wide bags, you will want an impulse sealer that is wider than 12 inches. A little extra width also gives you the option to seal both smaller and larger items.

Hand Operated Impulse Sealer
Pedal Operated 12 inch Sealer
Pneumatic Sealers
Tong Impulse Sealer

Continuous Impulse Sealer
Pedal Operated 24 inch Sealer