PVC Welding Machine
The Power Consumption is Minimum and the machine is very easy to Operate.

No Warm up period is required as the Solid State Rectifier System is used in this machine.

Over rated components of the machine ensure long trouble Free Service.

Designed to work almost round the Clock.

Applications : Stationary Cases and Bags, Rain Coats, Umbrella Covers, Pharmaceutical, Saline & Glucose Bags, Covers for Radio, Computers, T.V. etc.

Power Input 230 V AC 50 MHZ 10A
Power Output 1200 W Approx.
Frequency 40 MHZ Nominal
Osc. Tube 833 C or Equivalent
Welding area 25 sq. cms. Maximum
Rectifier Silicon-Bridge
Weight 150Kg Approx
Stroke 2" (5 cms)
Plate 14" X 20" (40 X 50 cms)
Size 130 X 45 X 100 cms
Pressure Manual - Foot Pedal
Welding Time 0-10 Seconds, Auto Timer (Electronic.)

PVC Welding Machine