Tube Sealers
This newly designed Pedal Operated Tube Sealing Machine is used for sealing bottom of the tubes.

Tubes like toothpaste tubes, shaving cream tubes, Gum tubes, medicine tubes etc can be sealed quickly and easily.

There is two different types of machine. One,suitable for Laminated tubes and other for Plastic tubes like L.D tube, P.P. Tube.

Machine Comes with various types of sealing to choose from.

    Like :
  1. 3mm width sealing
  2. 6mm width sealing
  3. 8mm width sealing
  4. 10 mm width sealing
  5. Sealing with vertical lining impression
  6. Sealing with Nurling impression
  7. Sealing with Batchcode and date Embossed
  8. Sealin with Price Embossed
Pedal Operated Tube Sealer